About Me

I’m Nailah Saleem, a digital marketer who specializes in email campaigns, social media marketing, and blog writing.

I’ve run my own personal sites for years, and fine tuned my methods of growing traffic and generating leads. Now, I’m looking to share my knowledge and help entrepreneurs reach their target audience and convert that traffic into revenue.

To talk more about how I can help your business, feel free to reach out to me directly at nailahsaleem.com/contact.

  • Who?
    Freelancers, small business owners, and career bloggers who are looking to grow their businesses through relevant lead generation. New entrepreneurs may opt for a custom digital marketing plan from scratch, while more established entrepreneurs might prefer an audit or consultation.
  • What?
    I offer custom content strategy plans, with 50 potential blog posts, and a variable amount of accompanying outlines, alternative headlines optimized for social media, social media images, and email campaigns.
  • How?
    To develop a content strategy for your site, I will conduct a short interview with you in order to understand your business goals, your audience, and how to bridge the gap between the two. I then will do my due research to develop a sales funnel for your existing leads through any necessary combination of social media, email, and blog content to attract new leads.
  • Where?
    I work remotely, so there are no location restrictions. In some cases, in person meetings can be arranged for those in the D.C. Metropolitan Area.
  • Why?
    The world is changing, and the internet is making entrepreneurs, but not everyone can excel at everything, and you shouldn’t have to. I’m here for those who are business minded but looking for a bit of help. You be good at your craft, and I’ll help you with mine!